Rainbow’s Jae Kyung revealed unique eyebrows recently. On September 10, she posted on her me2day, “The completion of fashion, whatever people say, is eyebrows.” Along with the post, she unveiled a photo.

 In the picture, Jae Kyung shows off her one of a kind eyebrow fashion, which is made up of small flowers.

 Netizens who saw Jae Kyung’s photo said, “Our Jae Kyung noona is such a cutie,” “You can’t wear them on the streets,” “The eyebrows are very interesting,” “Cute!” “Wow…” “I thought they were Band-Aids,” “Noona, you are still a beauty,” “Wow..Pretty, pretty,” “I love you,” “Totally a different feel,” “Don’t tell me you put Band-Aids on your eyebrows…” “Beautiful,” “Lovely,” “Amazing!!!” “When is Rainbow making a comeback?” and “They aren’t Band-Aids?”