Rainbow‘s Kim Jaekyung recently revealed her intentions for Roy Kim!

On the episode of “Infinity Girls” that aired on July 1, the “Infinity Girls” cast members and the ladies of Rainbow faced each other as opponents.

Shin Bong Sun, who discovered that Rainbow’s Jung Yoon Hye and Roy Kim were cousins beforehand, said, “If you tell me Roy Kim’s phone number, then I’ll go easy on you.”

While Jung Yoon Hye was just about to fall for Shin Bong Sun’s offer, Kim Jae Kyung interjected, “I had dibs on Roy Kim first!” which made everyone laugh.

Roy Kim recently made headlines for being swept up in dating rumors with Park Soo Jin, who is eight years older. Both parties denied the rumors but have admitted to seeing each other with interest. Roy Kim also released his debut first album “Love Love Love.”