Today on July 27th in Seoul heavy raining flooded roads and subway stations. Rainbow’s Jaekyung posted a picture of herself to help forget about the heavy rain.

On the same day, Jaekyung wrote on her twitter, “It is raining somuch. All of us are also taking the subway on our way to work, watching people go to work despite the harsh weather and trying to work hard makes me think that I need to strive harder.

She wrote, “I hope that we all can win out even in bad weather! Fighting!” Jaekyung posted a  picture of herself. The picture shows Jaekyung wearing rain boots and making a cute expression.

Netizens that have come across the picture wrote, “Fighting!” “You’re on Subway Line Number 9,” “everybody fighting.”

In other news, Rainbow is set to debut in Japan this coming September. Rainbow will debut as a rookie group in Japan with their hit single “A“. The girls have enjoyed success with this digital single in Korea,”A” being one of their strongest song, there’s no reason for Rainbow not to make it in Japan.