Rainbow’s Jae Kyung admired fellow member Ji Sook’s fashion sense. On July 18th Jae Kyung wrote on her twitter, “My mother was out shopping when she saw pajamas for a 9 year old. She bought them for me, and I am 24. The pajamas could not handle my ribs therefore instead the skinny one out of Rainbow, Ji Sook, has worn it instead.

She continued, “Today, Ji Sook who is currently 22 years old is now wearing pajamas for a 9 year old and it fits her perfectly, she has immense fashion sense.” In her tweet she attached the picture of Ji Sook in pajamas.
Ji Sook is seen wearing pajamas and also sunglasses, she is clearly excited and very cute. Also, the pajamas seem to fit her very well.

Netizens that have come across the picture wrote, “At first I couldn’t believe it, but it really does fit her,” “Are you sure these pajamas are for a 9 year old?” “You are so skinny, I am so envious.”

Source: Star News