RAINZ’s Ju Won Tak will soon be making a solo debut!

On October 15, the project group RAINZ announced that, after a year of activities, the seven members would be going their separate ways. The group, which consists entirely of former “Produce 101 Season 2” contestants, was formed last year following the end of the show.

Later that day, Ju Won Tak’s agency 2ABLE Company revealed that he was preparing to return to the stage as a solo artist.

A representative of the agency confirmed, “RAINZ, the project group of which Ju Won Tak was a member, has ended all activities. Ju Won Tak is planning to repay his fans’ love through his solo activities, so please continue to look forward to his [next steps].”

Ju Won Tak remarked, “Thanks to this valuable opportunity created by the fans, I was able to realize the dream that I had longed for [by debuting as a member of RAINZ]. In order to repay the love that you have sent me, I plan to greet my fans through solo activities as quickly as possible.”

He went on, “I ask that you please continue to show unchanging interest and love in the new and diverse sides of Ju Won Tak that I will present through my solo activities in the future. Once again, I want to sincerely express my feelings of gratitude to all the fans who have cared for RAINZ’s Ju Won Tak.”

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