On the 30th of August on KBS 2TV Win Win, “I am a Singer” participant Cho Kwon Woo shared his life story. He began by saying that his parents got divorced and so he was raised by neither his mother nor his father. He added, “I couldn’t settle in one place. I had to move around everywhere. As time passed by, I was resentful towards having been born into a Korean Classical Music family. We weren’t rich, I couldn’t live with my parents, and I wasn’t able to get proper education. I thought I would have been better off being born an orphan.”

Cho Kwan Woo was raised by his great-aunt, Park Cho Wol. Park Cho Wol was originally his great-aunt but because she took Cho Kwon Woo as her foster son, her title changed from a great-aunt to simply his grandmother.

Following his experience in having been taken in as a foster child, he confessed, “she was alcoholic and because she felt so lonely, she tried to get both of use to die together,” and that, “my grandmother literally tried to set up our house on fire a few times.” His confession brought the audience to tears.