Girl group Rania pulled a shocker and announced today that they have joined hands with U.S. basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal for their upcoming U.S. promotions. The report was first made public through the American hip-hop site,, under the title, “Shaquille O’Neal Going Gangnam Style with Girl Group Rania?”

The report said, “Google TV and the Comedy Shaq Network inked a deal with Asia’s K-pop seven member girl group Rania about a new TV show to be aired early next year on Major TV network in the US. Rania a girl group, well known throughout Asia for their sexy attire and dance, announced their plans to cross over into the US market with an album set for this fall, earlier this month.”

It also quoted Bret Lewis, an attorney who facilitated the deal between Rania and U.S. hip-hop label Empire, as saying, “These gangnam style girls are going to take over the US market.”

We’re a bit puzzled as to why of all the people Rania decided to go with Shaq, but hey, he’s perhaps the most successful rapper in all of U.S. professional sports. The four-time NBA champion has released five albums, including “Shaq Diesel,” which hit platinum, and cracked the Billboard top 40 hit with “(I Know I Got) Skillz.”

Whatever the case is, good luck and hope to see Shaq in Rania’s music video one day!