Rapper Beenzino and his now-fiancée, Stefanie Michova recently got engaged with an extravagant Tiffany engagement ring that awed everyone on the internet.

| @stefaniemichova/Instagram

But in a recent vlog, Beenzino confessed that it pained him to actually purchase the expensive ring.


The gorgeous Tiffany ring has been revealed to cost around ₩70.2 million KRW (about $62,700 USD).

| @stefaniemichova/Instagram


And Beenzino shared that he began looking for Stefanie’s engagement ring, but that the price made his knees feel weak and caused him to contemplate for longer than he expected.

I started looking last July. That was the only place I knew, but their prices were crazy. If you go up in carat, the price jumps like crazy. If you reduce it, the price goes down only a little. So I went back and forth for 5 months.

— Beenzino


Beenzino added that despite his image as a rapper and his earning potential, it was not a purchase he could make so easily.



As a result, his proposal plans didn’t go exactly as he had hoped.

I was going to go in, buy the ring without asking the price, put it in my jacket, and whip it out while asking her to marry me. But when I went into the store and found out the price, I was like, ‘Oh, seriously?’

— Beenzino


He stressed that he loved Stefanie unconditionally, but that the money just didn’t line up with his feelings.

I loved her without a doubt, but the money didn’t make as much as sense. I calculated my income and expenses in my head.

— Beenzino


But he finally pulled the trigger 5 months later, and he recalls the moment to have been nothing but happiness.

I feel like I was going to melt.

— Beenzino

| @stefaniemichova/Instagram

Watch the full confession below: