Rapper Hanhae revealed that he suffered from weight loss and hair loss when he was appearing on Mnet‘s “Show Me the Money 4.”

Through the interview that Hanhae gave along with the pictorial with Grazia magazine, he revealed, “I couldn’t sleep well, and after I slept, there would always be a handful of hair on my pillow. I also lost three kilograms in three days.” After confessing about the stress that he received from participating in “Show Me the Money 4,” he said with laughter, “Thankfully, the hair loss stopped after ‘Show Me the Money 4’ ended.”

He also talked about his new song “Cloud,” saying, “For those that know who rapper ‘Hanhae’ is, I think it would be great to listen to this song.” He explained, “Most people who got to know me through ‘Show Me the Money 4’ think of me as a good but pitiful kid. With this song, I would like to erase that image.” The lyrics speak about his honest thoughts on the things he experienced as a musician and also about being in the spotlight through “Show Me the Money 4.”

Hanhae plans to release a new single album every month or every 6 weeks, and will be promoting each song actively.

His full pictorial and interview will be revealed through the October issue of Grazia.

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