After being booked without detention on charges of repeated marijuana use along with nine other individuals, rapper Iron (legal name Jung Heon Chul) says he takes full responsibility for his actions.

On April 2, news outlet Ilgan Sports published a brief interview with Iron in which he first admits that he is guilty of the charges. He says, “I will not make excuses for what I have done, and plan to take full responsibility for my actions.”

Iron denies previous reports that he had claimed to smoke marijuana to increase his confidence and focus. “I had been curious about marijuana for a long time,” he states. “So I experienced it while being aware of the potential consequences. As this was all of my own doing, I take full responsibility.”

Iron also promises that although he lost sight of his original goals, he plans to focus on his music in the future. When asked what he would like to say to his fans, Iron responds, “I am sorry for worrying all those who have supported me. I’m always grateful for you.”

What do you think of Iron’s statements?

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