Rapper Iron‘s older sister has personally confirmed in an interview that Iron’s body will not undergo an autopsy and that Iron was a nicer person than the media made him out to be.

Following the news of Iron’s passing, his funeral was held at the National Medical Center in Seoul. At the funeral, his older sister met with Edaily to clear up some of the rumors surrounding Iron’s passing, and the immediate future plans.

From the start, our family had no intentions of carrying out an autopsy on Iron. We already completed the coffin rites (placing his body in the coffin) earlier this afternoon, at 2pm.

It’s heartbreaking to see articles saying that the police are discussing with the bereaved’s family to decide whether to conduct an autopsy or not, and other related speculation.

— Iron’s older sister

Iron’s older sister politely declined the interviewer’s request for the cause of death, instead sharing that Iron was still in contact with the family until just recently, as well as dispelling potential rumors about his assault case from December.

Heon Chul (Iron’s real name) has been in contact with the family up until recently. He was stressed about his music because he is a perfectionist, but he did not have any health problems.

The student in question relating to the December assault case came to today to pay his respects to Iron. There are many things that are different from what is made public, and the student does not have a bad relationship with us either. We hope you will refrain from writing speculative articles.

— Iron’s older sister

Iron was discovered by a security guard laying in a flowerbed outside of an apartment complex, bloodied. He was taken to the emergency room, however he was pronounced dead at the hospital.