Recently, photographs of MBC drama “Rascal Sons” actor Seo In Gook with SISTAR member Dasom on a car date in the dead of night were uploaded onto an online community bulletin board with the title: “Next to Seo In Gook is SISTAR’s Dasom? Are they possibly in the middle of a date?  Captured the middle of the night date!”    

On October 5, SISTAR member Dasom’s entertainment agency Starship Entertainment came out with a statement to refute rumors of a budding star relationship.  According to Starship Entertainment, the two are not dating and they were actually filming a scene for K.Will’s music video for his new single “Please Don’t.”

K.Will recently announced that he will be making a comeback with a full length album on October 11, and his new single will be called “Please Don’t.”      

Seo In Gook is currently starring in MBC drama “Rascal Sons” which premiered on September 22.  Though worried about how viewers will take his new “Rascal Sons” role after receiving much public love for his “Answer Me 1997” role, Seo In Gook decided to take on the challenge of a role in which he plays a shallow and cheating spouse.