VIXX’s Ravi half-jokingly posted a series of tweets showing his disappointment for the lack of birthday messages from his bandmates on February 15, the day of his birthday.

At approximately 2 a.m. KST, Ravi tweeted two screenshots of a conversation he had with Hongbin on VIXX’s group chat. The first tweet he captioned, “VIXX, where are you and what are you doing?”

In the conversation, Ravi began, “Hey, I think it’s Ravi’s birthday today?” and Hongbin replied, “You liar, it’s tomorrow.” Ravi then said, “Okay, I’ll think of you as the first person to congratulate me. Who’s reading the message and not responding?”

The next tweet Ravi captioned, “Our fans and Hongbin are the best. This was a chance to get a good look at the people around me. My eyes are getting red, no, I mean, I’m happy.”

The conversation continued with Hongbin saying, “Congratulations for tomorrow,” and Ravi responding, “Thanks, you’re the best.”

Thirty minutes later, Ravi tweeted a conversation he had with a staff member at VIXX’s agency Jellyfish Entertainment. The staff member messaged, “Umm…. uhh… Ravi, happy birthday (laughter)!!!” and Ravi responded with lots of laughter and the words, “Thank you.” The staff member said, “I was informed by N… the person who read the message but didn’t reply…” and Ravi replied, “Really? I’m thankful, N really knows what I like.” Using several Korean characters that represent laughter, the staff member concluded by saying, “He’s with us. He’s here with team leader Yoon Hwa. It’s a secret…”

Ravi captioned the tweet, “Whew, that’s a relief.”

After an hour, Ravi tweeted, “That’s what N says,” with a screenshot of a conversation he had with N, who said, “Ravi, I saw [the message] while I was filming so I couldn’t respond (tears). Happy birthday! Love you lots. Happy birthday, from the bottom of my heart, our Ravi!”

N then said, “You’ll come see me right? Choose any day you want to come with the members,” presumably referring to his solo fan meeting that will be held on February 16 and 17. Ravi replied, Yeah, I’ll go. I’ll go see you on Monday!” even though the fan meeting will not be held on a Monday in Korea.

He even captioned the tweet, “I’ll definitely go on Monday!”

Happy birthday to Ravi!