Former “Produce 101 Season 2” contestants Lee Gun Hee and Yeo Hwan Woong and their label mates MAS will meet with their fans through RBW Entertainment’s debut project.

RBW announced that a concert titled “We Will Debut Chapter. 2 – Special Party” will be held on December 16 as a part of the agency’s new boy group debut project, “RBW Trainee Real Life – We Will Debut” (hereafter “We Will Debut”). This is the second concert the agency has held to promote their new boy group set to debut next year.

At the “We Will Debut” concert, Lee Gun Hee, Yeo Hwan Woong, and boy band MAS (whose members are currently appearing on “The Unit“) will perform onstage. There will be individual stages for each artist and various forms of collaborations, as well as special Christmas performances.

As part of the “We Will Debut” project that began last September, the trainees will perform or hold events each month, actively communicating with their fans. New tracks made with RBW’s exclusive producing system will be also revealed in concerts held every month. The agency’s promotion aims to put their fans as the top priority as they take fans’ opinions and ideas into consideration in producing various content.

RBW plans to launch a new boy group next year through the “We Will Debut” project.

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