This year marks the second anniversary of TOMORROW X TOGETHER‘s debut. To celebrate, they’re hosting a “Dream Week” event leading up to their debut date of March 4. They’ve already kicked it off with a bang!

txt predebut
| @txt_bighit/Twitter

TXT decided to spice things up by uploading a cover of Marteen‘s “Sriracha” on SoundCloud, as well as a dance cover to it on TikTok. If that wasn’t enough to excite fans, it was realizing that the members recorded the cover a few years ago! Here are 5 of the best tweet reactions that sum up how we’re all feeling right now.

1. TXT been killin’ it since day 1 ????

2. The character development though ????

3. TXT been grown ????

4. The boys have already accomplished so much ????

5. We’ll never get over Yeonjun ????

We’re now wondering what other pre-debut TXT covers Big Hit Entertainment has been keeping from us. ????

You can watch their dance cover below.


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