These two episodes offered many an adorable moment for our lead couple, even giving us a glimpse of what their normal, happy life could look like. Now that Min Joon is ready to hold Song Yi close, he’s finally showing off more emotion. He’ll hold her hand, appear by her side when called, and may even drunkenly teleport into her bedroom. As his departure looms ever closer, he begins to make some important decisions about his future actions. What’s the use of an eternal life if he can’t be beside his loved one?

Min Joon and Song Yi’s Relationship Takes Center Stage

Song Yi Kiss

Romantic Highlights Include:

What Works Questions

When Song Yi drags Min Joon back home due to his kiss-induced illness, she can’t help but pester him about his kissing weakness. Min Joon lays in bed doing his best to recover while Song Yi fires off question after question. “I need to know the rules!” she exclaims. “What’s the good of having powers if you pass out after a kiss?”.

This Works Hug

Her inquiry about “what works?” for skinship prompts a perfectly timed response from Min Joon, pulling her into a tight hug and saying “this works”. As much as I love the kisses, these hugs are wonderful and they have the added bonus of not making Min Joon sick!

Balcony I Miss You

In this scene, Song Yi whispers Min Joon’s name to test out his hearing abilities. When he instantly appears on the balcony next to her, she can’t help but contain her surprise and delight.


Even better, Min Joon retaliates to her claim of “I missed you” by comically grabbing her cheeks.

I’d say it’s payback for her own past cheek grabbing actions!

Scrpit Kiss

When asked what scene she’s filming today, she informs Min Joon that she has a kiss scene. Min Joon’s immediate jealousy is super cute to watch, especially when he yells at her to use a stunt double for the scene! Lucky for him, Song Yi was just joking.


At Song Yi’s request to maker her warm, Min Joon wraps his arm around her as they walk through the forest. I kept having to reassure myself that this was actually part of the drama and not just a dream sequence!

100 Days

An adorable, yet very bittersweet moments occurs when Song Yi tells Min Joon what she would like to do for their 100th Day Anniversary. Her desire is to do all the couple things that everyone else does. Going to Namsan Tower, leaving a lock to show their love, and eating at the famous revolving restaurant are at the top of her to-do list.

Cry- Leave

Just as their relationship was starting to hit it’s stride, Min Joon breaks the horrible news to Song Yi about his departure. He may be selfishly holding her close, but he knows he can’t keep hiding their looming tragedy. The future anniversaries Song Yi talks of prompt Min Joon to propose to make all her dreams come true, but within one month. Why? Because he has to leave.

Cry Song Yi- Leave

Song Yi’s response of “When are you coming back? I’m good at waiting” makes this scene even more heartbreaking.

Drunk Min Joon

Against his better judgement, Min Joon indulges in alcohol to help handle his heart’s pain. No only does he cause a blackout across Seoul, but he also teleports into Song Yi’s bedroom and passes out on her bed.

Drunk Bed


Sudden Kiss

The next morning, Song Yi holds Min Joon’s lack of memory over his head and gives him a sudden kiss before kicking him out of her room. It’s Min Joon’s turn to be kissed rather than to kiss.


After dancing around her true reaction the news of Min Joon’s departure, Song Yi finally expresses that she wants to move forward with Min Joon, even if it’s just for a month. “Leave me with no regrets”, she instructs Min Joon. She may be trying to delude herself that a month will be enough time for her to get sick of Min Joon, but we all know how well that plan will work out.

Elevator Hand Hold

With Song Yi’s decision, they decide to go on a short trip. Their intention is to spend as much time together as possible, and they start the outing out with a firm hand hold.


Song Yi may talk the talk like she knows about relationships, but this is her first real encounter with love. Luckily for her, Min Joon knows exactly how to guide and reassure her insecurities. Could they be anymore perfect for each other?

I mean, other then if they were actually the same species…


When Song Yi can’t find Min Joon at their hotel, she starts to panic, thinking that he has left. Min Joon appears at her side to assure her he is still there. She implores Min Joon to not leave without saying goodbye first and Min Joon dramatically reveals that her request won’t be needed- he’ll be staying on Earth.

Hug Ending

While heartwarming, Min Joon has left out the crucial probability of death if he stays behind at her side.

Other Important Plot Developments:

Song Yi’s Brother Also Falls for Min Joon


Who would have thought that of telescopes would be the “it” factor for this kid? Song Yi’s brother starts out super defensive, but chocolate milk and awesome telescopes quickly win him over to Min Joon’s side. In fact, Song Yi’s bro has his own little hyung crush on Min Joon. Needless to say, he approves of his sister’s realationship. If anything, he thinks Min Joon could do a lot better.

Kim Soo Hyun Deserves a “Best Crier” Award

Cry Award

Seriously, this guy can cry. I can’t help but feel my own heart scream in agony whenever Kim Soo Hyun lets the tears fall. While Min Joon’s impending departure is giving viewers plenty of opportunities to witness Soo Hyun’s crying skills, I would prefer if these displays of talent could be kept to a minimum. My heart can’t take much more!

Min Joon Finds the Bug on Lawyer Jang’s Brief Case

Bug Bag

Min Joon finally spots Jae Kyung’s listening device that was planted on Lawyer Jang’s briefcase. To throw Jae Kyung off his trail, he writes on his phone instructions for Lawyer Jang to continue talking normally while Min Joon announces his plan to go along with Jae Kyung’s proposal. Laywer Jang can’t help but question Min Joon’s true intentions and Min Joon is quick to reassure him nonverbally that everything is under control.


You have to love that smirk!

Hee Kyung Does a Fantastic Job Lying to His Evil Brother

Hee Kyung Lie

Hee Kyung may know that his brother is evil, but he’s sure does a great job pretending to be oblivious. Once he officially wakes up from his coma, Hee Kyung claims he can’t remember anything from the day of his accident. Jae Kyung has suspicions about Hee Kyung’s knowledge, but he doesn’t yet have enough reason to kill off his brother. Hee Kyung uses what time he has away from his family to investigate further into his brother’s evil secretary and missing ex-wife.

Song Yi Tries to End Her Friendship with Hee Kyung but “Chance” Gets in the Way

Song Yi Hug Hee Kyung

Poor Hee Kyung. The first time he sees Song Yi after his life saving action, she tries to end their friendship. It may be for his own good, but he stops her from pushing him out of her life by invoking a childhood promise. Even if it means continued unrequited love, he still wants to be a part of her life.

Hee Kyung Teams Up with the Prosecutors and Min Joon

Team Up

The pieces are finally coming together for Hee Kyung and he decides to collaborate in order to take down Jae Kyung. He first approaches the prosecutor for assistance and then even asks Min Joon to help using his special abilities. With some great teamwork, this unlikely alliance is able to rescue Jae Kyung’s ex-wife from the metal institution.

ex wife

Dun dun dun!


Hee Kyung has Jae Kyung cornered, but I know Jae Kyung will not going to go down without a fight. My immediate assumption is that he will be plotting some quick murders in the coming episodes. What information does this ex-wife have that could incriminate Jae Kyung? I can’t wait to see how this all turns out!

Suzy’s Cameo

Suzy Cameo

Miss A’s Suzy made an appearance in Episode 17, playing a former student of Min Joon’s. Her character had a major crush on our alien hero, so much so that she purposely failed her final to repeat her class. Even better, she says that he reminds her of her past boyfriend, Sam Dong. Ha! Get it? Sam Dong was Kim Soo Hyun’s character in Dream High, the drama he costarred with Suzy in. I just love drama crossovers!

Song Yi Jealous

Needless to say, Song Yi was not pleased.

Comedic Highlights Include:

Song Yi Carries Min Joon Home After Their Kiss Causes Illness

Kiss Aftermath

I also loved how she almost killed him with her driving. Song Yi doesn’t belong behind the wheel of a car!

Song Yi’s Upset About Min Joon Eternally Youthful Appearance

face mask

Song Yi’s not too happy that she will age while Min Joon will remain young. Her immediate reaction to this realization is to slap on a face mask and exercise like a mad woman. She’ll try anything that can help her stay looking young!

High School Song Yi

She’ll even dress like a 12 year old!

No Song Yi, that outfit is not OK. Hilarious, but not OK.

Min Joon’s Tactics to Win Over Song Yi’s Brother

Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk is always the answer.

Song Yi’s Obnoxious Interview with Se Mi


Song Yi’s advice to Se Mi about finding a boyfriend, “You have to be pretty!”

Min Joon Takes Revenge on the Director


Having a boyfriend with super powers sure comes in handy for petty revenge!

Min Joon Helps Out While Playing Go-Stop

Go Stop

It’s another case of it helps to have a boyfriend with super powers.

This time, Min Joon stops time to let Song Yi dominate when playing the card game Go-Stop.

Song Yi Gets a Ride with Se Mi

Van with Se Mi

Following Min Joon’s disastrous confession about his departure, Song Yi storms off, grabbing a ride with Se Mi and prompting an hilariously awkward trip while Song Yi bawls her eyes out.


Her “singing” never fails at making me laugh. I especially loved her rendition of 2am‘s Even If I Die, I’ll Never Let You Go!”

Song Yi Vows Marriage Revenge


Not only was the dialogue great, but I just loved that this took place while jogging.

Also, what’s not to love about Song’s crazy outfit?

Moon Joon Forgets His Drunken Escapades

Can't Remember

While he didn’t do much more than cause a city-wide blackout, the fact that he can’t remember his night provides for some excellent comic relief. Song Yi also loves holding this vulnerability over his head!

Song Yi’s Script Writing Endeavor 

Script Writting

Min Joon may not have read her new lines aloud, but he certainly understood her intention!

I’m expecting a good, happy back hug in the future.

 Song Yi’s Awesome Interference


Only Song Yi would think of this method of distraction.

In Conclusion


With each additional scene, I find myself more and more in love with this couple. Their sweet gestures and undeniable sincerity make me yearn for an ending filled with a lifetime of happiness. With only three, possibly four, episodes left in this series, the countdown to the end has officially begun. There are still many loose ends left to wrap up, particularly when it comes to Min Joon’s choice to remain behind with Song Yi, but I am confident this show will continue to please viewers all the way to the end.


What could Episode 16’s epilogue mean? Song Yi is clearly waiting for Min Joon to show up on their 100th day date, but how hopeless is this effort? I certainly have many more questions after watching this brief clip. So many possible plots!

I’m very curious to hear your predictions about the final episodes! Will Min Joon and Song Yi find happiness? If so, how?

Feel free to comment below!

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