Here are the abbreviations that I will be using for the recap

Lee Yoon Sung (Played by Lee Min Ho): Yoon Sung

Kim Na Na (Played by Park Min Young): Nana

Lee Jin Pyo (Played by Kim Sang Joong): JP

Bae Shik Joong (Played by Kim Sang Ho): Bald dude

Choi Eung Chan (Played by Cheon Ho Jin): President CEC

Choi Da Hae (Played by Goo Hara): Dahae

Lee Kyung Wan (Played by Lee Hyo Jung: Target 1

Kim Young Joo (Played by Lee Jun Huk): YJ

Jin SeHee (Played by Hwang Sun hee): YJ’s ex/Sehee

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Ok, I think I almost vented everything out, this episode was exciting and also soooooo climatic. Sigh, I am such a fanboy.

[Recap] City Hunter Episode 19

We are back at the point where Yoon Sung is unmasked by YJ. Yoon Sung asks, “YJ are you satisfied now?” YJ lets Yoon Sung go.

Yoon Sung escapes the SWAT team by taking off his jacket. (They are looking for a man in a black jacket)

Target Number Four is freed by a mysterious individual. (I’m thinking JP so he can be assassinated, or somebody inside of the prosecutor’s office?!?!)

The bald guy is reading to Target Number Four’s bodyguard/assassin in order to teach him morals.

Yoon Sung and Nana are both watching the news and both are looking at the picture of the two together. They hesitate to call each other, and they end up not doing it. Nana says, “He will return, soon.” Yoon Sung, “I’ll return to you alive.”

YJ gets scolded by his supervisor but he does not give up Yoon Sung’s identity.

Outside, Yoon Sung is waiting for him. Yoon Sung asks why YJ just let him go, “The City Hunter could do things the law couldn’t. I didn’t have the right to take you in. You beat the law.”

Yoon Sung, “Sounds like something you would say, by the book and boring. Next time if something similar happens do what you need to as a prosecutor.” YJ asks, “Why are you keeping me alive?” Yoon Sung replies, “For the same reason as you.”

(Could this be the beginning of a beautiful friendship?)

Target Number Four calls Yoon Sung. Target Number Four says that he will give up the secret documents if Yoon Sung stops chasing him. Yoon Sung says he will look for both of them.

The bodyguard/assassin gives information to Yoon Sung. The bodyguard/assassin tells him under the condition that Yoon Sung ends Target Number Four. The bodyguard/assassin tells Yoon Sung that Target Number Four was looking for Lee Kyung Hee.

Out of Target Number Four’s safe there was a document titled “SUNFLOWER.” (It contained information about Lee Kyung Hee, Yoon Sung’s mother and the President.)

The President is drawing by himself, when he receives a call from Target Number Four. Target Number Four asks for help to be taken overseas.

Target Number Four brings up Lee Kyung Hee and that she had a son. The President asks Nana to give information regarding Lee Kyung Hee, and he shows her the same kind of handkerchief she gave Nana.

Yoon Sung is with his mother taking care of her, he is wondering why Target Number Four was looking for her. He decides to go meet the worker that knew about Lee Kyung Hee. Yoon Sung learns about his past, as being the son of somebody other than PMY.

Nana tells Yoon Sung about the President and Lee Kyung Hee having the same handkerchief.

Yoon Sung pieces everything together and talks to his mother. Yoon Sung knows that his biological father is the President. She tells Yoon Sung that the President doesn’t know about the birth, and also that the President had a family at the time. She explains that Target Number Four knew about this and wanted to hide it for the President’s future, and that PMY pretty much saved her. She asks Yoon Sung if he is embarrassed because she is that kind of person. Yoon Sung, “I’m not disappointed or angry, I’m just thankful that you are alive.” Yoon Sung asks if JP knows about this fact as well. She nods the affirmative and Yoon Sung is shocked.

Yoon Sung goes to JP and asks why JP raised him like he was somebody else’s son and not the President’s. Yoon Sung says that he will ensure that JP pays for ruining Yoon Sung’s life.

YJ is talking with Sehee asking about Yoon Sung. Sehee feigns that she doesn’t know anything. YJ explains that the law has lost to the City Hunter. Sehee exclaims that he should’ve shown these sides before, “I left because you were so perfect.” Sehee explains that Yoon Sung is very similar to YJ in many ways. (YJ also realizes that the President has something to do with Yoon Sung after seeing a sunflower at Sehee’s vet.)

YJ and Yoon Sung meet at Dahae’s café. YJ is curious if Yoon Sung would have become the City Hunter without the vengeance plan. Yoon Sung says that he would have done everything the same way because he couldn’t stand by and watch people being hurt.

YJ visits JP’s home and says that he can support Yoon Sung’s vengeance but he can’t support JP’s bloody vengeance. YJ reveals that he also knows the truth that Yoon Sung is the President’s son. JP tells YJ that everything is within the secret documents. JP tells YJ to reveal all of the dirty deeds that the government has done.

Target Number Four tells his henchmen to get a package that was sent to YJ’s home, it is the secret documents! The henchmen take the secret documents also hitting Sehee in the process. 

YJ arrives just a little too late. Sehee tells YJ to go chase after them but YJ stays and hugs her.

Yoon Sung finally figures out where Target Number Four is through a car plate number.

YJ is with Sehee at the hospital. She tells him to go, and YJ says he is sorry. Sehee says, “That sorry feeling, if I give you another chance are you willing to try again?” YJ gets a text from the City Hunter. Sehee says that she will be waiting for him at the hospital. YJ says, “You said you’d give me another chance, you promised!” (Shucks making me all warm inside, I’m a sucker for romances like this.)

Nana goes to the hospital and asks Lee Kyung Hee about the handkerchief to know what the truth is. (It seems like Nana has learned it?)

YJ arrives at the meeting place first, and he is getting beat up by Target Number Four’s henchmen.

Yoon Sung arrives on the scene and performs cool martial arts moves jumping around cars and beating up the henchmen.

YJ helps out Yoon Sung telling him where the secret document is via text message. YJ locks himself inside and he continues to fight Target Number Four’s henchmen in order to stall them for Yoon Sung. (Courageous but he is losing T_T).

Yoon Sung finds the secret documents.

YJ in a last ditch effort grabs Target Number Four says that he will arrest him but gets hit badly in the back of the head.

Yoon Sung takes out some of the baddies, but instead of going after Target Number Four he realizes that YJ must be somewhere.

Yoon Sung finds YJ crumbled up on the floor. YJ tells Yoon Sung to reveal the secret documents and also to go get Target Number Four. Yoon Sung says, “You’ll get him with your own hands.” YJ says with his last breathe, “City Hunter, Lee Yoon Sung, please forgive my father. I am sorry.” Then YJ closes his eyes.

Final Comments

WHY?!?!?!?!?! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, !&*(@#^[email protected]*(#^[email protected]*(#^[email protected]*#^[email protected]&*#^&*[email protected]#

I hate when this happens, the drama completely swept the rug under my feet, I was hoping that YJ was going to get a happy ending and everything, sigh. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

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