Here is episode 2 of Iris Season 2!

Here are the abbreviations that I will be using for the recap:

Jung Yoo Gun (Played by Jang Hyuk): Yoo Gun

Ji Sooyeon (Played by Lee Da Hae): Sooyeon

Yoo Joong Won (Played by Lee Bum Soo): Joong Won

Choi Min (Played by Oh Yeon Soo): Min

Seo Hyun Woo (Played by Yoon Doo Joon): Hyun Woo

Yoon Si Hyuk (Played by Lee Jun): Si Hyuk

Baeksan (Played by Kim Young Cheol): Baeksan

Ray (Played by McInnis): Ray


Baeksan is getting interrogated and he is told that right now the world is no longer in a Cold War, that the world is now all about peace and working together. Baeksan replies, “Do you really believe that?” 

Baeksan explains that NSS is an organization that is supposed to participate in a shadow war that assassinates dangerous targets. 

In continuation of the first episode, the IRIS invasion of the stronghold is underway. Now however, we get to see Yoo Gun in action! 

Yoo Gun arrives in Baeksan’s cell and says that there is probably an IRIS double agent that leaked the location of the NSS stronghold. Baeksan comments “IRIS’ shadow is still in NSS.” The IRIS agents have now reached Baeksan’s cell as well.

Luckily, Baeksan, Yoo Gun, and Park Joon Han have escaped. A merry chase ensues. We are treated to some pretty neat slow motion scenes. (One too many for my tastes) Unfortunately Park Joon Han dies in the chase. 

After a car chase Yoo Gun goes into an army base. (Smart!) 

Sooyeon has woken up and Choi Min has come to visit her. Sooyeon asks if anyone else was injured because of Baeksan. 

We are next shown Park Joon Han’s funeral. At the funeral Hyunwoo is telling Young Gun that they have to quickly find out Baeksan’s motives or else Park Joon Han would have died in vain. 

Joong Won is in Angkor Wat and he is caught sexual potency pills. He is later chased by the police! 

Yeon Hwa tells Joong Won that the job is from IRIS. Joong Won doesn’t want to take the job because he doesn’t want to be associated with IRIS. He even tells her not to meet him again unless she leaves IRIS. 

Yoo Gun asks Sooyeon to take it easy now that she has just recovered. She refuses and Yoo Gun asks her politely. Then Sooyeon sighs and subtly talks about how she needs to get married soon.

Min talks to Yoo Gun about a mole inside of NSS. Min has an interesting plan, a lockdown of information within the NSS. 

Hyunwoo apologizes to Sooyeon at the NSS, and she tells Hyunwoo to stop worrying about it.

Baeksan had requested to talk to Yoon Gun. Baeksan talks to Yoon Gun about shadows. Baeksan tells Yoo Gun that he reminds him of himself in the past. Baeksan also gives information regarding a North-South Korea talk in Hungary and a possible assassination. He tells Yoo Gun the info because he owes him his life. (Remember Yeon Hwa wanted Joong Won at Hungary) 

Ruh Oh! Ray is talking to a lady about the operation and it seems like she was the mole! (Her name was Lee Soo Jin) and she was the secretary working in the NSS.

Sooyeon is practicing shooting when she should be taking it easy.

Yoo Gun and Sooyeon are about to share a moment together when Yoon Gun indicates that there is a camera! (RATS!)

After a pre-mission meeting, Yoo Gun and Sooyeon are eating dinner together. At first, Yoo Gun is trying to dissuade her. But Sooyeon argues that she doesn’t want to send Yoo Gun alone! Eventually Yoo Gun caves in. 

In the plane before arriving in Hungary, Yoo Gun states that there is a side-mission! The NSS have to try and get North Korean information! 

All the players have now arrived in Hungary. The South-North Korean talks are about to begin.

We find out that the North Korean security forces are led by a familiar face! Park Cheol Young from Season 1!

Hyunwoo has excellent instincts and he spots Ray! He chases him around Budapest but ends up losing him.

The episode ends with a cliffhanger. Yoo Gun and Sooyeon are walking when they are being targeted by a sniper. RUH OH!