Here is episode 3 of Iris Season 2! In the beginning of the episode we are treated to the scenes leading right up to the moment that Young Gun and Sooyeon are inside of the cross-hairs of an IRIS sniper.

Here are the abbreviations that I will be using for the recap:

Jung Yoo Gun (Played by Jang Hyuk): Yoo Gun

Ji Sooyeon (Played by Lee Da Hae): Sooyeon

Yoo Joong Won (Played by Lee Bum Soo): Joong Won

Choi Min (Played by Oh Yeon Soo): Min

Seo Hyun Woo (Played by Yoon Doo Joon): Hyun Woo

Yoon Si Hyuk (Played by Lee Jun): Si Hyuk

Baeksan (Played by Kim Young Cheol): Baeksan

Ray (Played by McInnis): Ray


Park Cheol Young reveals to the North Korean representative who will be handling the peace talks that he is leaning towards South-North Korea working together. 

Sitting together and Hyunwoo reminisces about the first time they drank together. Sooyeon was very drunk. She was bragging about how if she wears nice clothes all these guys stare at her. Sooyeon claims that she was too drunk to remember anything. 

Afterward the nice chit chat, they split up. Sooyeon and Yoon Gun are walking together, Sooyeon asks the typical girly questions: “Why are you dating me?” “Do you like me?” Then, she tells him that he needs to express his feelings. They end up holding hands and walking together. 

We are back to the cliffhanger ending when a sniper is about to shoot Yoon Gun. But there is no BAM! It looks as though the sniper was just messing around. (Phew) Hyunwoo tells Yoon Gun about how he thinks he saw Ray. 


The South-North Korean talks are now underway. 

Sooyeon is debriefing Min and tells her that there were talks about nuclear experimentation. Sooyeon tells her that there should be talks about getting rid of nuclear weapons. She brings up the Soviet Union as an example of a country that had  nuclear weapons but was not able to sustain itself. 

Park Cheol Young is suspicious about the waitress (Who is Yeon Hwa in disguise) planted in and begins to interrogate her. NSS is trying to overhear what they are saying. However, Park Cheol Young is interrupted and he does not find out anything. 

Sooyeon tells Yoon Gun that Park Cheol Young did not seem convinced about the waitress. (Yeon Hwa) 

Speak of the devil, the waitress (Yeon Hwa) has arrived at the North Korean representatives room saying that she has brought his dry cleaning. (Before when she served the representative she had spilled wine on him on purpose to catch his attention) The representative tells his bodyguards to let her into the room. UH OH!


Yeon Hwa has succeeded getting in and is now about to spend the night with the representative. The NSS figure out that the waitress isn’t who she is supposed to be. Park Cheol Young also arrives on scene but the representative is assassinated! Yeon Hwa had said, “This is the first part of my revenge against North Korea.” 

Park Cheol Young asks Yeon Hwa if she is a part of IRIS and she replies, “I wonder?” Suddenly a shooter begins to aid Yeon Hwa by firing into the hotel. He is none other than Joong Won! (So I guess he took the job after all)


Yoon Gun chases her on foot, but she escapes in a getaway car. Then as usual, another merry car chase ensues!

Right when it seems like Yeon Hwa is about to get caught she jumps! 

Luckily she is saved just in time by Joong Won. 

Right when it seemed like Joong Won and Yeon Hwa were safe and sound, their car is hit by Sooyeon and Yoon Gun’s car. Then, Joong Won and Yeon Hwa try to escape on foot!

Yoon gun catches up to Joong Won and Sooyeon catches up to Yeon Hwa and they have a brawl! 

Joong Won escapes, but they manage to capture Yeon Hwa. She is handed over to Park Cheol Young and the North Korean side. Yoon Gun makes Park Cheol Young promise that whoever is behind this assassination will be found out. 

Yeon Hwa was about to get taken out by IRIS (So she doesn’t reveal anything) when Yoon Gun realizes that the South Korean representative is also a target for IRIS’ mission! 


The NSS team arrives just in time but the South Korean representative ends up getting shot in the back by the IRIS team. At the end of the episode Sooyeon has Ray in her sights, but Ray also has Sooyeon in his sights! The episode ends with a cliffhanger as the two are aiming at each other. (Sooyeon’s arm is shaking because of her previous injury)