On this episode of “We Got Married,” Jo Jung Chi and Jung In seek the advice of their fellow musicians, Go Joon Hee and Jinwoon get physical, and Taemin and Son Na Eun reenact scenes from the movie “Twilight.”  

Love makes us picture perfect – This is your Soompi WGM recap!

(If you missed it, here is last week’s WGM recap: Marrying the Jealous Type.)


Last week the couples were given the mission to be in a couple’s photo shoot and compete to be the main pictorial. The competitive fire burns in all of them, but perhaps more so for Jinwoon and Go Joon Hee. Jinwoon is already known for his strong body and he isn’t shy about showing off to his wife. Along with his personal trainer, Jinwoon tries to help Joon Hee with some exercises but it turns out to be more difficult than anyone expected. It doesn’t help that Joon Hee makes, how shall I put this subtly, certain moaning noises when she exercises. Then she feels up Jinwoon (when he shows her how big muscles have gotten) and I’m sure Jinwoon was thinking, “When is my turn?” 


Jinwoon loves shopping like any healthy hot blooded young man does. He obediently follows Joon Hee into a vintage clothing shop that is popular with celebrities. There they try on funky altered clothes and Jinwoon actually has a good time rocking the vintage. It’s not just fun and games for this competitive couple. They call up the couple they feel like is their rival, Jo Jung Chi and Jung In, and try to find out what they are up to. 


Jo Jung Chi and Jung In seek the fashion advice from their fellow musicians. It’s good to see this couple in their natural and more comfortable environment. When they were with the more glamorous younger couples, the two were awkward and stiff. With their fellow musicians, Jo Jung Chi jokes around more and Jung In acts less like an aunt and more like a young girl. They first stop by Kim C‘s radio program. Kim C is the most fashionable out of all Jo Jung Chi’s musician friends, but Kim C dismisses it by saying that’s only because everyone they know dress like homeless people. Then they go to singer Jang Ki Ha who tells them to take advantage of their long lasting relationship and kiss. Even though they have dating for eleven years, Jung In is surprisingly shy about it all. Jo Jung Chi, on the other hand, swoops in without hesitation on Jang Ki Ha and then Jung In. He’s a kissing fiend!


The couple then goes to meet Yoon Jong Shin who is working with his newest artist, Lim Kim (Kim Ye Rim). Surprising fact: Jo Jung Chi is actually featured in Lim Kim’s “Alright” song as a vocalist!  Yoon Jong Shin doesn’t even try to hide that he’s using this opportunity to promote the new singer, but it’s not so bad since he’s honest about it. He and Lim Kim turn out to be very natural models, despite his looks and her inexperience. They offer their advice to the couple and remind them it’s not about the looks, but the confidence. 


Taemin and Son Na Eun (and Key‘s puppy?) are on their favorite spot: on the couch. The two have fun with helium balloons, but it was all part of Taemin’s plan to get Na Eun to reveal her feelings for him. Then Taemin not so slyly brings up movies and not so subtly asks Na Eun if she ever went to the movies with a guy. I love this couple but the whole “push and pull” game is getting more and more obvious and less and less fun to watch. How many more times will we watch Taemin drill Na Eun about her personal life, get into a fake jealous rage, try to make Na Eun jealous, and then grin as he brings up his mother as the punchline. There’s a system, and the system is only fun when it’s not obvious. 


The two decide to watch “Twilight” to be inspired for their photo shoot. They get all giggly and shy when the kiss scene comes on, but that only makes it more fun because Taemin starts to act a little more natural. Like when he gulps in the teenage-boy-with-raging-hormones kind of way during the kiss scene. The most natural and spontaneous act he does during the whole episode is when he tries to show off to Na Eun and ends up kicking a ball to his face. I went back and watched that scene three times because it was just so perfect and so Taemin. Taemin recovers, and after they try to see how close they can get face to face (result: not very close), Taemin reveals his method of giving Na Eun his number. While the gesture is sweet, it puts the responsibility of exchanging numbers in Na Eun’s hands, and even Taemin doesn’t think she’s going to text him anytime soon.


On the next episode, the couples will model for their photo shoots. Some of the photos have been released and you can vote for your favorite couple in the Soompi poll here

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