All the important Korean Entertainment news from this week in one place: This is your Weekly Soompi Roundup!

The Korean celebrity world is still suffering from the wedding bug!  

  • When Lee Sang Soon marries Lee Hyori, the Queen of K-Pop, in September, would that make him the King of K-Pop by marriage? 
  • If you’re sick with the Korean celebrity wedding fever too, get your fix by checking out the gallery for Kim Jae Won, Jang Yoon Jung, and Han Hye Jin‘s weddings.
  • Wonbin and Lee Na Young have confirmed that they are dating, and maybe they will be the next celebrity couple to announce their engagement. Excuse me as I go off and cry that the small chance I had of marrying Wonbin just got even smaller. (ㅠ.ㅠ)
  • Baek Ji Young is resting and doing better after her miscarriage. Baek Ji Young, fighting!
  • It’s not easy to be an expecting mother in the Korean celebrity world. Park Shi Yeon is still fighting the proposal charges in court while she is seven months pregnant. 
  • Moon Geun Young named Lee Kwang Soo as her ideal type. Next on “Running Man,” Lee Jong Gook unleashes his jealous wrath on a giraffe. 
  • Last week’s big news was Se7en and Sangchu not quite getting the “happy ending” they were wanting, and people are wondering if Se7en will sign with YG again now that his contract has ended
  • Los Angeles based K-Pop fans have a chance to hear Girls’ Generation perform the national anthem at a Dodger’s game. The “Star Spangled Banner” is not an easy song to sing, hopefully they won’t be doing something like this.
  • Maybe Seohyun will bring her new adorable baby to LA? 
  • Don’t forget to find your Korean celebrity twin if you are born in July

The music video of the week goes to MYNAME‘s “Baby I’m Sorry” music video for being like a really cool gangster movie. A Pink made their comeback and had their fans saying “Yes Yes Yes” to their “No No No” video. Davichi did what they do best with a powerful ballad in “Missing You Today.” Jewelry needs to be locked up for stalking ZE:A‘s Hyung Sik in “Hot & Cold.” 

Two Korean-Americans, Jay Park and Ailee, released their comeback teasers.

Check out the top ten K-Pop videos on YouTube for 2013.

(Before you complain at me, “I Got a Boy” was published on Dec. 31 2012 and even though they have 62 million views, it was not released in 2013 and I can’t break the rules, even for Girls’ Generation.)

You can also watch your favorite artists perform for Music Bank‘s first half of the year special



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