On this episode of “We Got Married,” Jo Jung Chi and Jung In go on vacation, Jinwoon and Go Joon Hee go dog sledding and horse riding, and Taemin and Son Na Eun prepare to be separated for a month. 

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You would think this veteran couple would have gone on countless vacations during their eleven year relationship, but it turns out Jo Jung Chi and Jung In have only gone on vacation together a measly two times. No wonder Jung In is excited to travel to the beautiful island of Ulleung. Jo Jung Chi is a little less thrilled (“Didn’t the temple stay count as a vacation?” he asked), especially about the three hour boat ride. Even though they prepared various remedies for his sea sickness, Jo Jung Chi has to lie down. Jung In joins him a little later on, and Jo Jung Chi warms everyone’s heart when he takes off his jacket to give it to Jung In as a blanket. Both of them perk up when they get on the island and enjoy a glass canoe trip in the clear blue waters.


To get the most of their island experience, the couple goes fishing for eels (eeling?). Jo Jung Chi is a quick learner and managed to catch more than a few eels while Jung In struggles to catch one. They have fun “eeling” but when they realize they are going to have to cook the little guys they caught, they hesitate. Jung In looks almost in tears as she wraps the eels in flour and eggs, muttering “Poor things, poor things. I don’t think I can do this.” Then she wraps the “poor things” in lettuce and realizes that they look more delicious than pitiful, and manages to cook all of them quite easily. Jo Jung Chi on the other hand, takes one bite and regrets everything. 


The island is famous for being home to one of the most legendary Korean singers, Lee Jang Hee. Jung In happens to know him pretty well so they attend his concert and meet him backstage. Jo Jung Chi gets star struck and shy in front of the legendary musician, but Lee Jang Hee seems good natured and has the best laugh ever. He invites the two for a drink another day, which the couple happily accepts. The two spent the last moments of their night reminiscing and enjoying the night air. At one point it looks like Jung In wants to say something important, but changes the subject last moment. What is this? Why are they acting like Taemin and Na Eun?


Jinwoon and Go Joon Hee had previously agreed to record a song together, and now they’re starting their preparations. Before they write their own song, the two go to another legendary Korean musician, Kim Tae Won of Boohwal. Kim Tae Won is pretty fond of Jinwoon, calling him one of the only two idols who has the potential to rock. They not only get music advice from Kim Tae Won, but about relationships as well. Go Joon Hee even gets a signed guitar as a wedding gift. 


The couple then goes to an ice theme park in honor of their snowy first date. At the theme park they are greeted by a pair of really beautiful dogs. These are dogsled dogs, and they take Jinwoon and Go Joong Hee on a fast and exciting ride around the park. At the end of their ride, the couple thanks the adorable dogs that really do look happy running. 


Jinwoon sees a a fake horse children can ride and, or course, immediately gets on it. Go Joon Hee is too busy laughing at how absurd he looks on it to see the mischievous glint in Jinwoon’s eyes. He tells Go Joon Hee to get on and pretend that she’s a warrior princess getting ready for battle. Go Joon Hee is an actress but even she knows how ridiculous she’s going to look, so she acts as if she was shot by arrows instead. When Jinwoon slyly jokes that they should act out another scene, Go Joon Hee looks so dismayed Jinwoon can’t help but laugh.


Last week, Taemin committed a very big “No No No” by losing his cell phone case and then trying to hide it. Na Eun isn’t as mad as she was, but she hasn’t forgotten. The two go to a special chicken restaurant where you catch the chicken you will eat. What is it with Koreans and seeing their food alive before its cooked? I love bacon but I don’t want to pick up and pet the pig I’m going to kill to eat. 

At the chicken coup the couple picks out a pair of smaller chickens but when they chase it, the chickens stay close and protect one another. The chicken couple sort of looks like Taemin and Na Eun, so the human couple spares their lives and goes after a much larger chicken. Taemin asks Na Eun if she wants to name it (Why would you name your food?) and she quickly calls out Min Se Kyung, the character Taemin had a crush on in a drama. When Taemin uses a line from the drama but changes it to “I want to eat you, Min Se Kyung,” Na Eun gleefully laughs and jumps around. 


The two enjoy Min Se Kyung in a seafood soup, and Na Eun quizzes Taemin on what part of the chicken he eats first (bringing out her cellphone to do so. She still has her case on). When he answers leg, she tells him that he like sexy girls. Taemin changes his answer so that he likes pure girls, an image more suiting Na Eun. When he asks Na Eun the same question, he quickly adjusts himself to fit her answer. I think Taemin has been practicing his fan service a little too much, because he pulls down the shoulder of his t-shirt really fast (as if he didn’t even have to think about it) when Na Eun admits she likes guys who are a little sexy. Woah there, Taemin, this isn’t one of your concerts where you brush lips with Jonghyun


When they come home for dinner, the two discuss the month long break they will have to take because of their busy schedules. The two takes their turns asking each other, “Will you miss me? How much?” It gets to the point where they’re practically grilling each other;  a reminder that young couples are rather insecure and constantly need verbal reassurance. Na Eun presents Taemin with several gifts: a stuffed animal and pictures of herself. “Don’t forget me” she says. (“It’s not like he’s going to the army!” An MC shouts exasperatedly.) 

Taemin hates the idea that he won’t see his beautiful wife for an entire month so he gathers up his courage and asks her to grant his wish. She says sure, and he leans in (at this point Noona shrieks “Oh my God!”) for a hug. It really did look like he was going to kiss her on the forehead but lost his courage last second. The hug is awkwardly positioned (like the time he tried to put the seatbelt on her for their first date) and Na Eun gives him a patient back pat, but Taemin draws back looking very pleased. The two say their good bye and shakes hands, until Na Eun realizes that Taemin isn’t letting go of her hands. This hand holding obsession, Taemin, you might want to get it checked out.

Next week Mommy Key will come back (“We Got Married” really loves him! They should just give him his own spin off already) to give more wise advice, and Taemin will recruit his friends and juniors, EXO, to remind Na Eun that he’s thinking of her. 

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