Recently, several photos, titled “‘We Got Married (WGM) Is Scripted(?),” were uploaded to various online communities, surprising netizens who were under the impression that the stars in the show were acting candidly and spontaneously.

In the photos, make-believe married couple T-ara’s Eunjung and actor Lee Jang Woo are enjoying their trip to Indonesia. However, the camera also captured a member of the “We Got Married’s” staff holding up a sign directing the couple on what to do next. The sign reads, “Let’s try the coconuts.”

“We Got Married” has described itself as an unscripted, reality show. As a result, the photos disappointed many viewers who believed that the words and actions from the cast were truly candid.    

Netizens commented, “Now, I don’t believe anything the stars say on the show is spontaneous,” “I don’t think producers understand the term reality show,” “Nothing is unscripted,” “The cards don’t necessarily mean the entire show is scripted. They [crew] were only directing the flow of the show.” and more.