Are you ready for another summer bop? Red Velvet will soon be making their comeback in August, as a complete group.

According to investigations by Herald Pop, the group is currently in the midst of preparing for the comeback with an August release as their goal. It has been a year and a half after their last album with all members participating, The ReVe Festival ‘Finale’.

As many know, member Wendy underwent a long hiatus in order to heal from her accident at SBS’s year-end performances previously. The fall caused bones in her hip and face to fracture, putting her in the hospital for rehabilitation and recovery.

The members have since gone on to release successful solo or duo projects, such as Joy’s single, “Hello”, Wendy’s first solo mini album, Like Water, I&S with “Monster” and Yeri moving into acting. We absolutely cannot wait to see them as a whole again with this comeback.

SM Entertainment has yet to provide a statement.