Actor Shin Seung Ho revealed all regarding his collaboration with co-star, Red Velvet‘s Irene on the set of the film, Double Patty.

“Double Patty” | KT

Shin Seung Ho confessed that in a way, the experience was a first for both of them.

This was my first movie, and this was Irene’s first movie as well. In that sense, it was refreshing.

— Shin Seung Ho

“Double Patty” | KT

And when asked about how it was to work with Irene, Shin Seung Ho didn’t hold back.

As for the scenes that Irene and I prepared beforehand, I remember discussing the scenes and adjusting them accordingly before filming. Compared to preparing by myself, I think preparing together by discussing them made for more complete scenes.

— Shin Seung Ho

“Double Patty” | KT

He continued that he thought their chemistry was pretty great.

As for our chemistry, we chatted a lot about our scenes beforehand on set. We talked a lot, and I think that’s what we mainly prepared. I thought our chemistry was pretty great.

— Shin Seung Ho


The film, Double Patty is a film about an aspiring wrestler and an aspiring anchor leaning on each other for comfort after a tough day.


Irene is being praised for her stable acting as the lead character in her very first film.