As same-age friends and teammates, Red Velvet‘s Wendy and Seulgi are well-known among fans for the close friendship that they share!

wenseul 1
Wendy (left), Seulgi (right)

And now, for Wendy’s upcoming solo debut with the album Like Water, the two are showing off their tight bond again! The album contains 5 songs, and one of the tracks on the album called “Best Friend” is a mellow song with a jazzy arrangement, and the lyrics are about gratitude and promise to stay loyal to the people who stay by her side.

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Wendy’s teammate and friend, Seulgi, recorded this song with her — creating a lovely, comforting harmony and showing off their incredible chemistry as vocalists together!

wenseul 2

The album also features popular musicians like hitmakers Yoo Young Jin, KENZIE, composer minGtion, and producing team Coach&Sendo. As the album boasts quality production, music fans are looking forward to listening to it!

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We can’t wait for the heartwarming duet from Wendy and Seulgi!

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Watch Wendy’s latest mood sampler for Like Water here!