Red Velvet‘s Yeri shared a story from her trainee days at SM Entertainment!

yeri noblesse 8
| @yerimiese/Instagram

For her birthday on March 5, Yeri shared a birthday vlog where she took fans with her as she shot a photoshoot and hung out with her friend with some beer!

As she prepared for her photoshoot, she gave fans a glimpse of her natural beauty accentuated with light makeup!

She also flaunted some more of her natural visuals in simple jeans and a white top combo, looking breathtakingly alluring!

As she got her hair and makeup done, she shared that it had been a while since she’d taken a profile photo in that exact style, sharing how the last time she’d taken photos like this was back in her trainee days!

It’s been a long time since I last took a profile photo like this… Wait no, I many photos like this when I was a trainee, in SM-style! Wearing a white dress…


When the official profile photos of the SM Rookies members were released, many of them were in minimal makeup and casual white shirts, highlighting their gorgeous natural visuals!

From Irene

sm rookie 1

…to Taeyong

sm rookie 2


sm rookie 3
| SM Entertainment

…and also Lucas, they all flaunted their amazing visuals in the simplest of fashions!

sm rookie 4

Stan Yeri’s incredible visuals!

yeri 4

Watch her talk about it here!