Red Velevet’s Joy already knows what she likes most about her husband: his plump lips.

On the episode of MBC’s “We Got Married” aired on June 20, Joy and Yook Sungjae meet while wearing their couple T-shirts.

As the two enjoy a date, Joy looks back at the pictures sent by her husband to give her a hint of who he is. “Didn’t you send me a picture of your lips? They’re the type I really like. I like sexy lips,” she says. In response, Yook Sungjae jokes, “I know I’m pretty sexy.”

joy wgm 2 joy wgm 3

Joy adds, “By just looking at your lips, I though you were Teen Top’s Niel.” Yook Sungjae agrees, saying, “I understand why. I’ve heard that the two of us look alike a lot.”

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