Red Velvet’s Joy has a very odd dream, which involves filming a commercial with someone special.

On the episode of MBC every1’s “Weekly Idol” aired on September 23, Red Velvet, who just recently released “Dumb Dumb,” appeared as guests.

red velvet 2

“We heard Irene’s role model is BoA, Seulgi’s is TVXQ, and Wendy’s is Kangta,” the MCs comment. “Does Wendy want to become an executive like Kangta? That’s pretty ambitious.”

They continue to say, “I heard Joy’s role model is Lee Soo Man.”

In response, Joy replies that she would like to film an investment and securities CF with him. She also says that she already knows where to add herself into an investment and securities commercial Lee Soo Man starred in a few years ago.

What are your thoughts on her dream?

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