On the December 8 episode of tvN’s “Amazing Saturday,” Red Velvet’s Joy mentioned her friendship with comedian Park Na Rae.

The two celebrities sat beside each other during the show, and Shin Dong Yup commented, “I heard Joy and Park Na Rae are close.” Then he joked, “Isn’t your mom concerned?” Joy laughed and asked, “Why? In what way [would she be concerned]?” Shin Dong Yup vaguely replied, “I just feel like she will be for some reason.”

Boom mentioned that Park Na Rae told Joy she would let her experience a new world. Joy explained, “My members and I debuted early, so it there’s regrets about not having played a lot. I told Na Rae that, and she said she would open a new world for me if I came to Na Rae Bar. I haven’t gone yet, but I wonder what that new world will be like.”

Boom asked if her label SM Entertainment tries to stop her from being friends with Park Na Rae, and Joy coolly replied, “I don’t think we’re at that level in our careers [where we are controlled anymore].” In response, her labelmate SHINee’s Key joked, “You are at that level.”

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