Red Velvet’s Wendy impressed the audience with her singing performance on the latest broadcast of “The Last Song.”

On the June 9 episode of JTBC’s “The Last Song,” Red Velvet members Wendy and Seulgi appeared as guests to take part in the singing battle. They took the stage as the second contestants in the preliminary round.

Wendy, who was first to take the mic, chose to sing Park Mi Kyung’s “Distant Memories of You,” explaining that her parents like the song. As soon as she started singing, the crowd let out a loud cheer for her impressive voice. However, she was unable to catch the lyrics of one of the lines in the song, which unfortunately resulted in her elimination.

As her elimination also meant Red Velvet would no longer be able to attempt another round, Wendy teared up and apologized to her fellow group member Seulgi, who didn’t get a chance to perform. Seulgi, however, comforted Wendy by telling her, “It’s okay,” and held her hand as Wendy completed her performance of “Distant Memories of You.”

Check out the video of Wendy singing on “The Last Song:”

red velvet wendy seulgi

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