Back in 2018, Red Velvet went to North Korea to represent South Korea for the Pyeongchang Olympics.

North Korea Koreas K Pop in Pyongyang

Red Velvet had two performances in North Korea and even met with the country’s leader Kim Jong Un.

Kim Jong Un

During an appearance on !t Live with Super Junior‘s Leeteuk and EXO‘s ChanyeolWendy revealed that people in North Korea expressed their concern for her hair.

Red velvet pose in front of North Korean reporters

During their time in North Korea, Wendy’s hair was dyed a light brown. As North Koreans do not dye their hair, they cautioned her over damaging her hair from overprocessing it.

They told me that my natural hair color would have looked better and asked me why I dyed my hair when it’s damaging…that it’ll damage my hair. Yes, they showed their concern for me in this way.

— Wendy

red velvet wendy

Whether her hair is dark or light, Wendy is an absolute delightful beauty, but her story was wholesome and heartwarming, don’t you think?