Renowned entertainment attorney Ned Sherman officially announced on Friday that he will be taking charge of Jay’s global entertainment career. Sherman states, “We are thrilled to be working with Jay. He is incredibly talented and has the work ethic, talent, charisma and fan support to have a big career on a global level. It’s rare that you come across an artist like Jay. He really loves and cares about his fans and it shows.”

Sherman, based in Los Angeles, has a professional team of top entertainment industry advisors. The team will work with Jay and prepare him for the future events that Sherman hinted at. “We are working on a number of big projects which we will be announcing soon.”

According to Sherman’s website (which can be found here), he is a member of the California bar association. He practices corporate and entertainment, representing clients who want to get involved with the entertainment industry. He is also the CEO and publisher of Digital Media Wire, Inc. and the founder of the Billboard Digital Entertainment Awards.

For those unfamiliar with Jay (or Jaebeom to his Korean fans), he is the former leader of the Korean group 2PM. He left the group last fall after old Myspace posts by him were dug up and criticized harshly by people who thought he sounded “un-patriotic”. He went back to the United States after this surfaced and has been keeping a low profile until now.


Source: prnewswire, dwmedia