A government representative has answered questions on recruiting for the concert in North Korea.

On April 1, following the first performance by South Korean artists in North Korea, a government representative met with reporters.

When asked who the government wanted to recruit, the representative selected PSY and said, “There is an image that this side [North Korea] is imagining, and [there was the opinion that] he would stand out too much from that image,” explaining why they were unable to do so.

On why BTS was not participating, the representative simply responded, “Due to scheduling.”

South Korean artists including Jo Yong Pil, Lee Sun Hee, Choi Jin Hee, Yoon Do Hyun, Baek Ji Young, Jung In, Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun, Ali, Red Velvet, Kang San Ae, Kim Kwang Min, and Yoon Sang performed at the East Pyongyang Grand Theater on April 1. They will be putting on another concert together with North Korean artists on April 3 at Pyongyang Arena.

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