Fans are getting upset due to the fact that music show PDs from the three main channels are ignoring their requests to see JYJ‘s Junsu perform on stage.

Forums for SBS’s “Inkigayo,” MBC’s “Show! Music Core” and KBS’s “Music Bank” have been overflowing with viewer requests for Junsu’s appearance.

One post read, “Until when are the broadcasters going to let the big entertainment agencies run things? Viewers are sick of the same celebrities who appear on TV every day and it’s not fun anymore and no one watches the shows anymore,” and “The FTC issued a sanction against those unfair practices that the big agencies are executing so I think Junsu should be given a chance. Junsu is one of K-Pop’s frontrunners and I want to see him perform on stage in Korea.”

However, the program staff members are not responding to these requests and are staying silent. The program staff members have even reportedly, avoided calls from news reporters on this matter.

A particular source in the music industry commented, “No matter how bad the viewership ratings are, the music program PD has the most power,” and “If rookie artists want to be on the show, they need to personally meet the PD, which is said to be more difficult than recording an album. With this kind of system, there’s no reason for the PD to really pay attention to JYJ.”

Another source commented, “From the broadcaster’s perspective, if they had to choose between SM’s countless artists, actors, comedians and JYJ, anyone would choose SM,” and “But it’s not all up to the PD who takes care of the recruiting issues. It’s only right that they release some kind of statement about this.”

Previously, the FTC issued sanctions against SM Entertainment and a distribution company for interfering with JYJ’s activities.

Stay tuned for more updates on this matter.