In light of the news that Kim Hyun Joong saved the life of a cook at a Japanese restaurant in Jejudo, the owner of the restaurant publicly thanked the actor for saving his employee’s life.


In a phone interview with Maeil Business Star Today, the restaurant owner explained exactly what happened.

Last month on the 24th, around closing time, our cook convulsed and collapsed at the counter. While the employees were taken aback, one of our customers who was waiting for his ride came back in and took emergency measures.

— Restaurant Owner

KBS News

The restaurant owner continued,

He performed CPR for 8 to 9 minutes, applied ice, and gave the cook massages until 911 arrived at the scene. Then he explained everything to the medical professionals.

— Restaurant Owner

KBS News

But the restaurant owner shared that he didn’t know it was Kim Hyun Joong who carried out the emergency procedures until a while later.

I didn’t know it was Kim Hyun Joong who carried out the emergency procedures at first. It was only when I went to thank him that I realized it was Kim Hyun Joong.

— Restaurant Owner

KBS News

He then went on to express his utmost gratitude.

As the restaurant owner, I’m so thankful to Kim Hyun Joong. He didn’t save just my employee, but a precious life. I feel bad that I couldn’t thank him properly at the time. I want to tell him thank you.

— Restaurant Owner


When the news that Kim Hyun Joon saved a cook’s life took over the internet, Kim Hyun Joong’s agency simply stated,

He only did what he was supposed to do.

— Kim Hyun Joong’s Agency


Here’s to wishing the patient a speedy recovery.