In a new clip from The Return Of Superman, the Park siblings are seen playing with their father, Park Joo-ho.

Big sister Naeun runs around Gunhoo as they swing ping pong paddles together. The two are only having fun but suddenly things get dangerous.

In an attempt to hit the ping pong, Naeun strikes her paddle, accidentally hits her little brother Gunhoo in the face.

Immediately, Naeun’s smile turns into a terrifying expression. Gunhoo, of course, screams from the blow to the face. Though he was just hit with a hard paddle, Gunhoo doesn’t cry and shows that he isn’t hurt badly.

Despite Gunhoo proving to be alright, warm-hearted Naeun repeatedly says sorry to her father and Gunhoo.

Before the Park family’s departure from the show, fans knew Naeun as a smart, caring, and amazing big sister. Since returning to the show, fans were curious to know if Naeun remained the same generous child she was before.

To the fans, this clip proved how good of a sister and daughter Naeun is.

Naeun gave her brother a hug and the two started to play with their ping pong paddles once again.

Check out the whole clip below: