On January 10 broadcast of MBC’s “Idol Radio,” idol members who participated in the “2019 Idol Star Athletics Championships” for rhythmic gymnastics shared some stories behind their preparations for the event.

On top of giving a sneak peek at their routines, the idols talked about the effort and pain that went into preparing. MOMOLAND’s JooE said, “It was hard because of the mental stress I felt from trying out new things for the first time, which was on top of the muscle pain. I finally felt relieved [after the event].”

To the question about how much each idol practiced for the event, (G)I-DLE’s Shuhua answered, “I received a total of 19 lessons, and each lesson took about three hours. I had to take them after my scheduled work.”

ELRIS’s Yukyung said, “The hoop hurts a lot more than you think it would. I hit my head and nose, but it hit my legs the most so I got a lot of bruises.”

Lastly, LABOUM’s ZN added, “I tend to slouch a lot, so my coaches had to fix that by tying me with a rope to practice my moves. My goal for this year is to sit straighter.”

The “2019 Idol Star Athletics Championships” will air over the Korean Lunar New Year holiday, which runs from February 4 to February 6. Recording for this year’s event took place on January 7 at the Samsan World Gynamsium in Incheon, after which many idols took to social media to share a preview.

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