Ricky Kim had the “Midas” touch in India!  On August 26th, the celebrity tweeted images of his trip overseas. During his visit to India five years ago, he found himself overtaken by the outpouring of love from his “fans”.  From the looks of it, he was more than ready for fatherhood.

Ricky: “Pic from when i was in india 5yrs ago^^ would love to visit again~~”

How did his followers respond to this tweet?  Below are a few of their messages:

“we would luv u to visit Saudi Arabia kkk … we reallllllly love u there” –  @ToToyaj

“visit indonesiaa oppa,I will take you and your family around jakarta the capital city” – @thiadwia

“woow !! I love it, wish to visit India very soon“ –  @Kordy_1028

Does he look like a good father figure?