With actor Ji Soo enlisting following his bullying controversy, KBS‘s new K-Drama River Where The Moon Rises had to undergo a switch in the actor to portray the main character, On Dal.

“River Where The Moon Rises” Poster | KBS

Initially, KBS announced that the production team Victory Contents and the broadcasting station will edit Ji Soo out as much as possible from episodes 7 and 8 and will re-shoot the drama to star actor Na In Woo starting with episode 9.

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The production team, however, teased the upcoming episodes on their official Instagram story — hinting that Na In Woo will actually appear starting with episode 7 to air March 8, 2021 KST.

Victory Contents’ Instagram story. | @victorycontents/Instagram

<Quick News From Victory>

River Where The Moon Rises will air tomorrow! Will episodes 7 tomorrow star the handsome On Dal? Please be on the look out! PS. You’ll regret it if you miss it!

— Victory Contents

Soon after the Instagram story, Korean press reported that an informant from the broadcasting station confirmed that Na In Woo in fact completed some of the re-shoot over the weekend and the impending episodes 7 and 8 will now feature the new On Dal.

River Where The Moon Rises

For some reason… On Dal has a new aesthetic going for him?! Tonight at 9:30PM, only on KBS2TV!

— Victory Contents

River Where The Moon Rises fans look forward to this week’s debut of “the handsome On Dal.

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