MMA fighter, Seo Ji Yeon has been receiving overwhelming attention on social media, and the reason for that is her recent confession that she is BTS RM‘s little cousin.


Before the reveal, Seo Ji Yeon had followers in the thousands, but once she made it known that she’s related to RM, her number of followers multiplied by 100, and she now has over 150,000 followers.


Considering the number of followers of top fighters such as UFC fighter, Kim Dong Hyun (~100,000) and MMA fighter, Angela Lee (~160,000), Seo Ji Yeon has achieved an impressive record.


Regarding this attention, Seo Ji Yeon gave most of the credit to BTS ARMYs.

I’m well-aware that 99% of the people who are showering me with attention are BTS ARMYs. I’m delighted beyond words at the support and kind words they’ve been giving me. I’ll make sure not to cause any trouble for ARMYs by doing my best to grow into a successful athlete.

– Seo Ji Yeon

Ahead of this message, Seo Ji Yeon also revealed that her current goal is to enter the ONE Championship and that she wishes to enter her first fight with a BTS song playing in the background.