“I was very scared… and there was even times when I wanted to run away “

BTS is now on a world-class scale. Recently, RM from BTS has revealed his real thought.

On April 17th, an interview with BTS was released on JTBC’s ‘News Room’ where RM confessed how he felt.

BTS, who always looked splendid, but whenever a new album is released, the pressure they felt just got bigger and bigger.

“It was so scary. It’s the weight of the spotlight,” RM said. “People see our face and behavior at such a bright place (on stage). I was very scared and wanted to run away because we were superimposed by the position we are rising to.”

Their new album with a message that says, “Let’s look inside ourselves beyond what we love about ourselves” which isn’t different from what RM said.

RM has confessed that he hasn’t yet fully enjoyed the attention and love he is receiving. They are shaking the world with music, but they haven’t forgotten their humility. He said, “I thought we should never think of the world as if we had swallowed it up”.