Actor, Park Bo Gum recently stirred up controversy when he promoted his drama, Record of Youth, and his upcoming film, Seo Bok while serving in the military.

| Seoul Kyungjae


Park Bo Gum recently hosted the 2020 ROK National Concert where he asked viewers to check out his drama as well as his upcoming film.

After enjoying the concert, I hope you remember Record of Youth and watch it as well. I also ask for your love and interest in the film, Seo Bok, which will premiere in December.

— Park Bo Gum

| E Daily

The clip was broadcasted live on ROK’s YouTube channel, but Park Bo Gum was soon hit with controversy when a netizen criticized Park Bo Gum’s behavior.

Any profit-making activity is banned for military soldiers.

— Netizen



Regarding the issue, ROK addressed the controversy themselves with a formal statement.

The remark Park Bo Gum made was during a conversation about how he’s been doing. After a review, we concluded that the remark was made on a whim. It was not a profit-making activity. Although the behavior causes no legal issues, we’ll be sure to assist Park Bo Gum so that he can focus on his public duties.