Over the weekend, “Rooftop Prince,” “Fashion King,” and “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” fans were delighted with a video that compiled scenes from the three dramas to make a story of its own. Titled “Rooftop’s Fashion King,” the video went viral in Korea, humoring fans. Similar to “Rooftop Prince’s” plot, Park Yoo Chun and his entourage travel 300 years into the future and ends up at Yoo Ah In’s attic room. The video cleverly overlaps and edits scenes from “Rooftop Prince” and “Fashion King.”

Netizens who’ve seen the video commented, “Wow, that’s amazing,” “It’s a whole new story,” “I can’t believe how the lines fit so well,” and more.

A representative of SBS’s drama department stated, “When we first watched ‘Rooftop’s Fashion King,we thought we couldn’t believe our eyes and ears. We thought we were watching a whole new drama. We’re very thankful to the person who created this because it’s helping both dramas. Recently, ‘Rooftop Prince’ took the lead for the ratings during Wed/Thurs nights, we’re hoping ‘Fashion King’ follows in the ‘Rooftop Prince’s’ footsteps and takes the lead for Mon/Tues nights as well.”