For those of you who have been following SBSRooftop Prince,” Lee Gak (Park Yoo Chun) convinced his doppelganger’s grandmother to buy Park Ha’s (Han Ji Min) rooftop home. During the sixth episode, the rooftop home was under construction, but photos of the new interior have been released wowing fans. Titled “Rooftop Prince’s New Rooftop Abode,” the photos were uploaded to several online communities.

The photos gave viewers a slight peek into the new and improved home. Now a two-story villa, it’s impossible to remember what the humble home used to look like.

Netizens commented, “I want to live in that rooftop home,” “Haha, the home below it might collapse now that the rooftop room is so heavy,” “Park Ha will be so happy,” and more.

Meanwhile, “Rooftop Prince” recorded 12.5% (AGB Nielsen) for its sixth episode, taking the lead in the Wed/Thurs race for the ratings