Recently in an online community, a photo of Park Yoo Chun holding a VIP black card surfaced in a thread under the title, “Acting Cool With Only $100.”

The photos uploaded were screen captures of Park Yoo Chun during a particular scene from the SBS drama, “Rooftop Prince.” In the drama, Park Yoo Chun plays Yong Tae Yong, a man who comes from a wealthy background that goes back three generations. And so, for this particular reason, every time Yong Tae Yong needs anything, he pulls out his black card that allows him to purchase whatever he wants.

However, the black card that Park Yoo Chun’s character so often pulls out, hides a great (?) secret. It is not the card with unlimited credit that it pretends to be– In reality it is just a gift card. In plain English, the words gift card is printed on its face along with the amount 100,000 won which is a little less than $100.

Netizens who noticed this little error jokingly replied, “The props team must be punished~,” “Only the color was black,” “If he were in the Chosun Era, that amount would be worth a fortune.”

In the drama, “Rooftop Prince,” Crown Prince Lee Gak (played by Park Yoo Chun) travels 300 years forward in time with his loyal subordinates after losing his beloved Crown Princess. The drama paints a story of how this prince from the past tries to adapt to the 21st century and finds love with his true soul mate.

Park Yoo Chun proudly holds up the magical gift card that allows its owner to purchase items that cost more than what the card holds.