On July 9, rookie girl group BESTie has revealed their first teaser clip for their debut single.

The teaser clip showed the four members of BESTie walking to the beat of their single, “Pitapat.” Although it is only for a short 10 seconds, viewers can see BESTie’s strong charisma.

BESTie’s agency, YNB Entertainment stated, “BESTie’s official debut is already three days from now. We hope many of you will take interest in BESTie’s debut single, ‘Pitapat.’”

BESTie consists of four members, Hyeyeon, Yuzi, Dahye and Haeryung. Hyeyeon (who used to be Dami), Yuzi and Haeryung used to be former members of EXID.

BESTie will unleash “Pitapat” on July 12.

Check out their teaser clip below!