Not long since their debut, rookie girl group EXID has been under the spotlight lately.

EXID has already been gaining interest for being the first girl group of famous producer, Shinsadong Tiger. The genius behind such hits as T-ara‘s “Lovey Dovey,” B2ST‘s “Fiction,” and 4minute‘s “Mirror Mirror,” he is known as the “hit maker” in the music industry.

Adding to their recognition is the fact that four out of their six members were former trainees for JYP EntertainmentYooji, Junghwa, Haeryung, and Hani were all once JYP trainees before debut.

Yooji was part of the “Age 20 Big Mama” group among the trainees, along with Sistar‘s Hyorin and Secret‘s Ji Eun. Eventually dropped by JYPE, a star’s gateway to success, it can be said that the road to their debut was a hard one.

The other members, Dami and LE, faced the same kind of hardships as the others. After failing to be signed with a company, Dami almost gave up on her dreams of becoming a singer. Before her debut, LE was an underground rapper of Hongdae, and also underwent the long training process.

At a young age, each member of EXID went through their own hardships and obstacles. It could be said that their difficult times before debut has actually made them stronger. From now on, all that can be expected is their advancement in the music industry.

EXID (pronounced E-X-I-D) stands for the meaning “Exceed in Dreaming.” As their name suggests, we hope that the group will achieve their dream of standing out in the music world.