The charming rookie group GFRIEND has revealed a dance version of the title track, “Glass Bead,” from their first mini album.

On January 18, GFRIEND’s agency, Source Music, released the choreography version of “Glass Bead.”

In the video, the six girls of GFRIEND, Sowon, Shinbi, Yerin, Yoojoo, Eunha and Umji, show off their fresh, young, vibrant charms with their clean dancing style that is very reminiscent of late 1990s K-pop. With the current 90s K-pop boom brought on by “Infinity Challenge – Saturday Saturday Is a Singer,” GFRIEND is gaining interest and attention from nostalgic K-pop fans and younger, newer fans alike.

Meanwhile, GFRIEND released their first mini album “Season of Glass” on January 15, and has since made their debut on various music show stages.

Check out the dance version of “Glass Bead” below!