Rookie group GOT7 wowed their Japanese fans in their debut showcase titled ‘GOT7 Showcase 1st Impact in Japan.’ The showcase was held on April 4, and around 10,000 people attended the event that was held in Ryōgoku Kokugikan. The group’s older labelmates 2PM also had their Japanese debut showcase at the same venue in 2010. 

GOT7 started the showcase with their single “Hello” and also performed their hit single “Girls Girls Girls.” They also performed “Playground,” “I Like You,” and “Follow Me“.

JYP Entertainment released a statement to their fans after the showcase saying, “GOT7 successfully finished their debut showcase in Japan three months after their national debut. We hope you support GOT7’s Japanese activities.”

The group is preparing for their second Japanese showcase for Osaka at the Zepp Namba on April 17.